National Online Teacher Training (NOTT)


School Placement

The vast majority of your time will be spent in schools on placement. You will be guided across at least two contrasting placements by our expert subject mentors who will provide you with weekly targets to challenge your practice, and support to ensure that you develop rapidly as a teacher. You will also have the opportunity to enrich your teaching with visits to alternative provision providers, post 16 colleges or adult education centres.

Teacher Training Enhancement Programme (TTEP)

The Teacher Training Enhancement Programme (TTEP) is a flexible online course to support your teacher training year.

The content of the Geography TTEP course is made up of the following modules and topics:

Professional Studies 1

  • What is Education
  • Application of the Theories of Learning
  • Introduction to the Teachers’ Standards
  • Lesson Planning
  • Questioning Skills
  • Ideas for Starters and Plenaries
  • Activities for Learning
  • Behaviour Management 1
  • Assessment and AfL
  • Differentiation and Inclusive Practice
  • Staging Debates and Role-plays
  • Impacts and Presence
  • Getting the Best out of your Placements

Professional Studies 2

  • Behaviour Management 2
  • Tracking Progress and Using Data
  • Using Language to Influence
  • The Pastoral Role
  • Safeguarding - Child Protection
  • Safeguarding - e-safety
  • Moving from Good to Outstanding
  • Communicating with Parents
  • Working with other Professionals
  • Beyond the Classroom
  • Personal and Professional Conduct
  • Evaluation and Reflection
  • Apply for your First Position

Subject Studies

  • Deconstructing a Geography Lesson
  • Enquiry in Geography
  • Concept Based Planning
  • Assessment in Geography
  • Differentiation in Geography
  • Literacy and Numeracy in Geography
  • Reflecting on Teaching Resources
  • Fieldwork including Behaviour Management
  • Researching Geography Education

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

Where identified during selection and recruitment you may complete an 8, 12, 16, 20 or 28-week Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. This is delivered online, so you can manage these hours around your other commitments. This course is 100 % distance learning and comes with a personal tutor. The course is free and attracts a bursary of £175 per week for eligible trainees.

The content of the Geography SKE is made up of the following topics and modules:

GCSE topics

  • Maps and GIS
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Geography of the UK
  • Geomorphic processes / landscape
  • Changing weather and climate
  • Global ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Cities and urban society
  • Global economic development
  • Resources and resource management
  • Fieldwork and investigation

A level modules

  • Water & carbon cycles
  • Coastal landscapes
  • Glaciated landscapes
  • Hazards
  • Global systems
  • Global governance
  • Changing urban environments

GCSE virtual lessons modules

  • Natural Hazards 1
  • Natural Hazards 2
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystems 1
  • Ecosystems 2
  • Coasts
  • Rivers
  • Glaciers
  • Urbanisation
  • Development
  • Managing Resources
  • Geographical Skills

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